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Paladin Diaper Rash Ointment

Paladin is truly the diaper rash cream that actually WORKS.
Our diaper rash cream is a blend of select ingredients targeted at the treatment and prevention of diaper rash. The gentle preparation is formulated to moisturize and soothe a baby's delicate skin keeping it soft as well as forming a protective coating to protect against skin irritants.

Your Next Prescription for Diaper Rash - Paladin Diaper Rash Cream
• 2oz Jar
• FDA Inspected Facility
• Safe & Effective
• Recommended by Moms & Doctors Nationwide
• Provides immediate relief
• Often helps treat overnight
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Use liberally, a thin coating recommended at each diaper change. If rash persists for more then 10 days, consult physician.

Petrolatum, Starch, Lanolin, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Boric Acid, Bees Wax, and Vitamin A & D Concentrate.

I love Paladin. The women in my family have been using and sharing this mom must-have for years! I've been using it since my oldest was a baby and nothing works on diaper rash as well and soothes as much.

Paladin is thick and creamy, applies well and the ingredient list checks off every box for gently treating diaper rash and providing a nice barrier between sore baby bottoms and wet diapers.

I'm from Rockford so glad to support a business in my hometown. I still order from states away and recommend to every new mom I meet. A bit more expensive than some other treatments on the store but it's worth every penny.
jennifer Coffey
I am so impressed. Our son has a horrible diaper rash and nothing was working. He was screaming and crying at every diaper change. I went to the pharmacy with a hand full of other ointments and the pharmacist handed me this from behind the counter. So I took it no price was to much as I thought that since it was back there is had to be expensive. To my suprise it was so affoardable. We have used it for 24 hours now it isn't gone but looks better. He will let us change him with out crying. I will not use a different diaper rash cream ever. I am a believer.
Lluvia R
The best diaper cream ever. I am so happy is local.
I use Paladin and have done for eight years, not for diaper rash but to sooth and control the surface symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus. in the UK there are many of us who find this ointment helps us with sore, itchy and irritated skin in the intimate areas which is where we have the conditionI can't praise the product enough
Amber Breitzman
My daughter's are 18 and 12 and I still use this cream for any rash and to keep my feet soft. I recommend it to everyone including my patients for any type of skin rash or irritation.
Cindy K.
This is absolutely the best stuff ever!!! Tried all the rest and none compare to the quick results of Paladin. Our family has been using this since 1983. It was given to my sister for her first baby when nothing else worked. Couldn't ask for a better product!!!
This stuff works awesome! I have tried A&D and it doesn't even touch the irritation. When I use this on my baby, often the redness is calmed down or gone by the next diaper change. It's also good for the yeast rashes babies get under their chubby rolls and neck.
This cream is amazing. My first contact was when my daughter's mother-in-law bought her some for the new baby. I was amazed! Since then I use it all the time as does my husband. I have recommended it and given it to a friend with psoriasis (she was amazed at how soft her skin became). I always have jars on hand to give to anyone with a new baby or any type of skin problem.
K. Busjahn
I had a jar from my niece to use on her daughter.At the same time i was battling an infection where two rolls of fat were full of yeast.,I also had broken bleeding skin and was in alot of pain.I borrowed the paladin and used for 4 days and all pain and trace of infection was gone in 3-4 days.Wish you made larger jars of it.It is absolutely the best product for rashes I have used in 40 years.
I used this product for my daughter as a baby and I still use it for myself and her when we have rashes from heat and chafing. This is the best product ever.
My son's first diaper rash made me want to cry, the skin looked so raw and painful. We too, tried EVERYTHING else on the shelves, some things made a difference but nothing made it go away. After a couple days with Paladin, completely healed. Don't waste your time or any more money, try out Paladin.
A. Shipley
I was always an A&D person for diaper rashes till my second came along. We used it and every thing else we could think of and nothing worked. He was blistered bad and bleeding from them. I finally remembered my sister-in-law used something on her son and it worked wonders so I called her and sure enough it was Paladin. I used it and the next diaper change it was gone that quick. I couldn't believe it. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!
When my first child was still a baby, she would often get horrible diaper rash that none of the other diaper creams could touch. A pharmacist recommended Paladin to me so we tried it that night. The next morning her diaper rash was gone. I was sold. 15 years and three kids later, here I am buying yet another jar because nothing compares to Paladin. My toddler get horrible teething related diaper rash, one week it was so bad the skin was tearing. We couldn't find our jar of Paladin and found ourselves trying every single diaper cream sold on the shelf at the drug store, nothing helped. Finally we found the jar (in our entertainment center!), applied it immediately and within several hours I could see a difference. The next morning all of the rash was gone and just the broken skin remained. It was completely healed within a few days. This stuff is amazing. Anyone that asks for recommendations to prepare for their coming baby, first thing I say is Paladin. LOVE this stuff!
V. Pittman
I used Paladin on all 4 of my children, oldest is 28 yrs old now, then used on grandkids all 9 of them. Palamar E I use on my patients in nursing homes.healing in just hours.time with more severe cases such as bedsores.its a must give baby shower gift.every child should have this on his/her bottom.

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